Hey Sugar stars,

In life everyone is selfish to an extent.

We have to be because we wouldn’t survive.

We live in a world full of competitors.

Survival  of the fittest

In aspects of my life  where I should be selfish I am not and in aspect of my life where I shouldn’t be selfish I can be.

Nobody is perfect but we all have to learn that before you do anything think of yourself first.

When you’re on the aeroplane in case of an emergency you are told to put your safety mask first before applying it on for others.

We have to learn to not hold onto to things because that brings us stress as we are not obligated to.

If we have a choice to live life stress free why do we hold onto things that are damaging us ?

That’s a question I cannot answer as it is something I struggle with and I am dealing with.

I pray that God continues to guide us  and make us courageous when making decisions.

Decisions are so important and can make or break you for the rest of your life (a good friend once told me that).

I will rise , you will rise . We are all superstars.




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