Hey Sugar stars,

Butterflies are my favourite insects because for me it represents freedom.

Dreams can be beautiful and some can be bad.

Butterflies remind me of dreams …a form of escapism.

In this case I want to talk about good dreams.

Dreams give me hope , something idealistic that can eventually become realistic.

I love dreams.

Sometimes in life you feel certain things are unattainable because of “real-life ” distractions but dreaming make you believe they are not.

The moment when your dreams meet reality can be something so magical.

I have dreamt about certain things and sometimes reality has exceeded my dreams.

 I continue to dream and act on my dreams because nothing is impossible.

Certain things in your life may be delayed but if you have dream , hope , have faith and act.

You will achieve!

I will rise , you will rise . We are all superstars.




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