Hey Sugar stars,

My favourite thing to do is eat and travel .

Most importantly I love to  eat. I love exploring new and different flavours in my mouth.

It’s so sensational .

I know you’re thinking it’s a Monday morning ..Why are you talking to us about food?

I hope this post stimulate your tastebuds to try something new today.

Go out of your comfort zone.

Below I am going to show to list a few things  that come up in my mind .



Jack Daniels Chicken Strips and Jack daniels wings 

Shelled Prawns in White wine marinated seasoned broth


Shoreditch Breakfast places.

Avocado and beetroot sauce .

Pub Breakfast


Wheat/amala and obgono stew 

Ero riro and pounded yam 

Great Italian Lasagne 

Okoro and amala

Brazilian buffets


Grilled fish, prawns and Plantain with chilli sauce  and avocado on the side

Peanut sauce and mutton with a side of mash potatoes 

Thai Green chilli curry



Halo Halo

Chocolate fudge brownie popcorn Sundae

Apple Waffle crunch from TGI’s



Avocado shake

 Sweet Mangoes 

Smoothies and shakes 

Ube cake

I have so many things I like but I wanted to list a few .

You can share some of your favourite foods and I will try it out.

I will rise , you will rise . We are all superstars.




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