Hey Sugar stars,

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking about mistakes.

When you’re young someone ( positive role model ) or something ( the law) influential in your life teaches you the difference between right and wrong. If you do something wrong , you get told you made a mistake.

“Mistakes are an opportunity to learn”

If it’s an opportunity to learn is that really a mistake ?


As I get older I start to  realise the power of choice. Each choice you make can alter your direction in life.

As you all know I am on a journey to find myself.

This journey can be very difficult and in the process of finding yourself you can become more lost in the during the process than you was before.

Sometimes you hurt yourself of the people your care about during the process.

 I will repeat this I am a happy girl , extremely happy .

However , perfectionism still daunts upon me.

If I mess up I beat myself up or push everyone away, although I try and encourage others not to.

The reality is we are all humans .

If you’re going through something , talk to someone. Raw and uncut .It doesn’t have to be your bestfriend , friend or family member. It’s good to talk to someone that will listen and won’t judge you.

I am such a closed person so instead of voicing things out , I keep it in and I go through a constant cycle.

By the time this blog has published I know I will voice out everything.

Once you voice it out , it’s easier to heal.

Holding everything inside won’t help you heal.

Even with God ,  sometimes it good to have man ( human) to talk to.

We all slip and when we do we can get back up.

I am in the process of healing and learning.

Sometimes it can become a battle within yourself but overtime it will get better.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me- Philippians 4:13

I will rise , you will rise . We are all superstars.




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