Hey Sugar stars,

This might be my first and last fashion post.

Who knows ?

The purpose of this post is to make females aware that they don’t have to splash out on big brands to look sexy ,classy and also feel confident on the outside. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I do indulge in big brands if the quality is good .  To be honest  I rarely buy anything on full price . I always buy items on sale or  when I go to a market abroad,  I always bargain to get the best materials for the best price.

As we all know the UK weather is very  unpredictable , so you always have to be prepared to frequently change-up your style.

Most of you have been asking me  where I get my items  from , so I thought it will be a good idea to share the reasonable priced items with you.


Perfect for winter transitioning into spring. ( £40- £70)

1.Sleeveless tailored blazer/coat.

2. The winter floppy hat.

3. The turtleneck dress or turtleneck paired with jeans.

4. flat Knee high boots or high knee high boot.




Perfect for work and all seasons. (£88)

1. Longchamp- Le Pliage Neo Shoulder Bag


Perfect for your summer holidays . (£5-£9.90)

I always buy my swimsuits from aliexpress because its super cheap and I don’t want to spend more that £10 on my swimsuits.

1.Monokini Bathing Suit

2. Sexy two toned swimsuit

3. Monokini Bandage Suit


( 4 for almost £3)

If you order from aliexpress  always order in advance as it can take up to 30 to 60 days to arrive. Most times your purchased items arrive much earlier.

1.This mascara is basically identical to Maybelline


(aliexpress £31.70)

Last summer I went for the grey hair look. I  brought 14inch hair from aliexpress but ended up cutting it into a bob. Everywhere I went I received compliments. Even a youtuber admired the way I styled my hair.

1.Grey wig


Misguided is number 1 on my list when it comes to buying cheap  dresses. However sometimes I do like my house of CB dresses which are slightly pricey. Most times I wear my dresses once but if I don’t I usually turn it into a top or skirt and pair it with something else. I normally shop in the sale section.

1.Shirt dress (£10) paired with Knee high boots from Amazon (£17.99 – £26.99) you can also pair it with a wool floppy hat.

2. Suede patch work (£10)with boots

3. White body con (£15)

4. Summer bright  (£18)


I get most of my shoes abroad , however my number 1 cheap places to get my heels online is Deichmann, Aldo and Misguided. I normally go straight to the sale section.

1.Chelsea blue boots can be paired with jeans and a turtle neck. (£19.99)

2.Straps heels – black (£14.00)

3.  Tan heels  (£15)

4. Gold gladiator (£10)

5. Blood court shoes  (£8)

6. Suede (£74.98)

7. Hot red strap up (£49.98)

My motto is if it looks good and your bank account can afford it . BUY IT! always leave aside a certain amount of money a month to spoil yourself.

Remember the sale section is your BEST FRIEND!

I will rise , you will rise . We are all superstars.




10 thoughts on “FASHION

  1. Good info and pics. It definitely helps that you have a nice figy so that clothes drape easily. Here in Los Angeles we’re almost too casual to dress well.


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