DUBAI 2016

Hey Sugar stars,

Moving on …..
Dubai was amazinggggg. If I can express my love for this city into words I would.

Although there are still a few female drivers and female queues.

Dubai is becoming more modernized ….it isn’t haram to hold hands with your partner and you don’t have to fully cover up everywhere you go.

Dubai was a breathtaking experience and I will definitely go again.

Everyone has a different experience in Dubai.

This is mine.

I spent 6 days there and I still managed to do load of things  .

In all honesty , I can stay in Dubai for 1 month and not feel a slight ounce of boredom.

There is soo much to do and they are still developing and creating more things to do.

Places to go:

Below are a list of places I went :


The Safari was the highlight of my trip. It took over half a day to complete. It cost 200 dirhams per person which equates to about £40. It was worth every penny . A driver picks you up from your location  in the early afternoon and drops you back home in the evening. The ride in the desert was a very fun experience. You get to ride on a camel , hold a falcon , take a picture ( cost  an additional £2 )  and go quad biking.  The evening consists of traditional  performances, food  and drinks, henna , shisha and trying on the  Abaya. We upgraded our seat to VIP which cost 50 dirhams per person but we neogiated to 40 dirhams ( £8). VIP means you wouldn’t have to line up for food with a queue of about 800 people . Someone would bring all the food and drinks to you whilst you enjoy the performances. We paid an additional 40 dirhams to smoke shisha on our table and share it. We bought our own Abaya from Deira market because we didn’t want to share it and we could also keep it. We bargained the price to 110 dirhams for a luxurious Abaya.

We booked it with happy tours in Dubai.


We stayed in JBR ,a luxurious 5 star apartment , around the area there was Dubai marina. They had numerous shops , boat rides etc . It was a luxurious area.


This was the other side of Dubai they never show you on the media and where Dubai originally started. I saw so many poor people  . This side of Dubai made me more appreciative of my opportunities . However the people were so jolly and  I admired their hustle . You never leave the store without buying anything. I also met a Yoruba guy who became our tour guide for the day.  We went to a Nigerian restaurant near Dubai Creek and I find out there wasn’t allowed to sell alcohol in restaurants unless you have a license. If you do you get arrested and put into jail for one month and then after that you get deported back to your home country.


Filled with beautiful fresh flowers. It’s a beautiful place for lovers. If anyone is thinking of proposing its’ a great spot.



This was an adventurous place. If you haven’t been to many countries . You must visit this place. They have many mini buildings of each country’s , food ,products, performance etc. Please make sure you cover your arms and legs. There is also a female queue.


We made a big mistake and took the metro to the Dubai mall. It was 15-20 mins walk. I advise anyone to take a taxi because it drops you right outside the entrance. That was the only and last time i took the metro in Dubai. However it was a great experience, the mall had an aquarium and the food court was nice. The stores were very pricey but if you have loads of money to splash and you want a cheaper option it’s a great place to shop.



I was soo close to tears , the scene was amazing. It was right outside Dubai mall . In front of the Burj khalifa.  They played Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli – The Prayer. It made me smile and feel warm inside.


You can’t really see the palm image of the island unless you take a helicopter . However you can see the way the rock sediments has built up to make the island. There was also numerous beautiful villas.


There was a 5 star Dubai hotel,Aquaventure Waterpark and The Lost Chambers Aquarium & an award-winning Chinese restaurant. I want to try these activities next time I visit . It was a capturing place to visit.


I got to see the view of the 7 star hotel .  I can’t say much because I didn’t go inside. My taxi driver said he dropped people there and he said it’s definitely not worth 7 stars , but I cannot speak for myself lol .



The world’s tallest building . It’s a beautiful building and the fountain performance really help captured its beauty as it changed it Lumiere colours.



It was very hot and I advise people to stay hydrated and rent a beach bed for shade .

Where I stayed :


We stayed in a 5 star apartment , it was a beautiful and luxurious area. Everyone had nice cars and the area was very expensive for people in Dubai but average for people living in London. I think London is way more expensive than Dubai . They don’t pay taxes which is amazing. I would love to invest in Dubai someday.

I cannot explain everything into words. However everyone must visit  Dubai , it’s a beautiful city. Buy your ticket in advance and save £500-£1000 spending money if you want to come back with boxes full of things . I took £200 with charges ( 1000 dirhams ) but I ended up spending slightly a bit more on my debit card.

Don’t overload your suitcase !

I will rise , you will rise . We are all superstars.




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