Hey Sugar stars,

Last year my Grandma passed away  ( age 67).

Her death was really painful because it was unexpected and she said something to me a couple of weeks before her death that will always remain in my heart.

On March 1st 2016 my Grandad passed away at 110 years old.

He lived a good life.

He had 16 wives and 27 children ( He was a big Chief).

I never got to know my other Grandparents because my Maternal grandad died when my mother was 8 and my Paternal grandmother died when my father was 14.

Tommorow is never promised.

We are all going to die one day.


Enjoy your life and fulfill your God given purpose before you leave this earth.

Life is too short 

I will rise , you will rise . We are all superstars.





      1. I just started blogging in December . Everyone has their own style of writing. Mine is very colloquial .. almost like im talking to a friend. Just keep your individuality and you will be fine.

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      2. No worries. following you back. Just try and remain consistent and don’t blog for the sake of blogging. Always have a purpose behind it eg. Helping others learn from your experience. Don’t just blog for the views. Blog from your heart or for fun.


      3. No I don’t blog for views at all.Actually I created the blog so that there would be some inspiration for me to write often . In a blog,my writings are recorded and not lost.I visit blogs mostly to make new friends and learn new things. 😀 btw which country do u belong to?


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