Hey Sugar stars,

I am a woman ,

A woman brought up in a sexist world ,

a world who once believed  that women were only good as housewives and men were the sole breadwinners of the family ( although some parts of the world still believe that due to cultural beliefs etc).

I am not condemning anyone who is a housewife in our modern age , as that’s some people’s choice .

I think looking after kids is a big job in itself and housewives should be applauded. My mother was a housewife for 14 years and she loved it however she ended up being a career woman.

In our modern society women are starting to chase their dreams , balance their career and look after their households.

Sometimes women hold back because of what society tells us?

People have told me that I am too career driven and I shouldn’t be too ambitious because if I become successful , I will intimidate men.

Recently I saw Linda Ikeji’s house ( a Nigerian female blogger) and I praised her for chasing her dreams and becoming successful . Unfortunately many people have said “she will intimidate men because of her success”.

Comments like this sadden me .


Why shouldn’t I chase my dreams because of a man?

On the other had they’re some men who find a career driven woman attractive and support and motivate their partner.

However when you start a family I think its important to balance both.

In some relationships the wife is richer than their husband .  Some men find that impossible to bear because of the stigma attached to men being the breadwinners of the family however some men are fine with that.

In my honest opinion I do not mind who is richer , as  long as we are both bringing something to the table ( respect each other , stable job , income to sustain our home).

There is more to life than riches.

I will rise , you will rise . We are all superstars.




3 thoughts on “WOMEN

  1. I love this post! Every bit of it is true. I had been thinking of writing somethng on a similar topic as well. I totally agree with you. At the end of the day, it doesnt matter who is rich or who is poor as long as both are contributing to the family. Very true.


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