Hey Sugar stars,

It’s so important in this day and age to save and invest.

What am I saving for ?

Some people want to save for a house , kids , cars , holidays etc.

How I save ?

Each month I  budget. I have a planner where I write down my expenses for the month (however you can use excel or other methods ) . Which includes my bills , transportation , contributions , food etc. I even budget on my nights out eg spend £100 a month on nights out . I have a fixed amount of savings. If you have numerous things to save for,  open numerous savings accounts within your bank  and split your income wisely  . For example you can put £400 in your ISA to save for your house , £50 in your everyday savings for holidays  and so forth . Go online and find the best interest rates for your savings account as it varies.

Sometimes it can be very difficult to save if unexpected situations arise , or you have kids etc. DON’T beat yourself up! However whilst you’re young and you have minimal responsibilities save. If you end up spending £300 on an expected situation , spend less money on nights out or start cooking to work and leaving your debit/ credit card at home.

As soon as I finished uni and started working my plans was to move out however I decided to use my parents house to save . If I ended up going out to rent it would be harder to save as the rent in London very expensive . This means instead of saving (for example) £600 every month I would be spending it on rent.  If you are fortunate to live with your parents , try and save. Don’t splash £1,000’s on clothes if you’re trying to save for a huge asset such as a house.

Prioritize and work smart .


Due to inflation, the price of everything is going up and saving is becoming tedious. For example if a house cost £30k and you’re 25year old and you want to put 10% on a house which is £3,000 and you only have £1,000 in your savings . You want to buy a house in two years so you budget to only save £1,000 each year by the time you’ve reached £3,000, the price of the house has increased to £35k it becomes difficult to get the house you want ( this is idealistic figures not realistic) . The age of first time buyers have increased to age 30years (average age) due to the price of houses going up .

This is why it is important to invest !

It doesn’t have to be always monetary investments . It could be gaining a new skill in which you can use to eventually make money eg baking or decorating.

If you’re young with minimal savings it can be difficult to invest in huge assets such as houses.

Today think about what talents you have and use them ( I can speak for myself ). If you’re an amazing singer , record yourself on YouTube and share it . Remember you can make money through social media .

You should not rely on one source of income . If you have a full time job try and find time on the weekend , even if its an hour to do something that can trade your time into money .

Invests in new skills , courses and take risk because opportunity costs.

This is something I am working on and I hope you can work on it too.


I will rise , you will rise . We are all superstars.




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