Hey Sugar stars

Did you miss me ?

I’ve been getting so much good feedback on my blog .

In all honesty  blogging helps me with my healing process , so it’s nice to know I am helping others through this process.

I’ve been gone for a couple of days because I have to get myself together.

I have been quite emotionally for the past couple of days . Sometimes I stare into the ceiling and just cry because reality is settling in.

Don’t worry tears aren’t always a bad thing , it shows that you’re expressing a form of emotion good or bad.

The other day whilst I was praying ,  I started to cry in my sleep  (tears of joy) , it was such a beautiful feeling because I know that God  was answering my prayers.

If you’re starting to get closer to God , it can be a difficult experience because there’s so many obstacles that try and get in your way.

Today I started  something new….the 50 days fast . It going to be a big challenge but I accept that challenge! I truly believe it will change my life.

I’m on a journey …. I want to become whole with Christ…. so anybody that’s in my life or comes into my life will compliment me ( not complete me).


I will rise , you will rise . We are all superstars.




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