Hey Sugar Stars,

I’m feeling very emotional today , I have so much on my mind.

I have been delaying my happiness in hope to find happiness. An example could be not enjoying yourself now and enduring unbearable pain in order to be happy later due to the choices I make. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices but if you’re damaging yourself it’s best to let go.

My problem is  I try so hard to make my love ones happy that I start to delay my own happiness.

I have been staring at a book I bought called ” power of now”, it felt like a sign from God . A sign to start my journey towards self-love. The title left me intrigued and I started to ponder as to why I am hoping to be happy instead of being happy in the moment.

One of my friends said “ it comes so natural to smile or laugh at anything you do, you’re so fun all you have to do is exist” . I love making people happy  but I have to make myself happy.

Today I chose to be happy . It’s time to let  go and build a relationship with myself .Instead of hoping to be happy , live to be happy because the “power of now” can affect your growth.


Time is so valuable and my advice to my sugar stars is to have an insight on your star , gain a deeper understanding of yourself and make yourself happy in the moment. Live within your means.

I have no regrets in life but I can start by making changes today  and let God take control of the rest. Finding God and sustaining a relationship with him will lead to eternal happiness. That is something I am still working on.

If you want to do something go and get it . “do not delay your happiness for others , your self-worth determines your self-love” If I’m not happy, I will start looking into others to become happy and blame them for the sacrifices I made if they’re not happy.

I will rise , you will rise . We are all superstars.




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